Thursday, December 27, 2007

On to more exciting news!

March 27, 2008 will be my last day to work. I am getting pumped as the end of work days draws near. Everyone tells me that I need to stay busy, what a joke, busy is my middle name.

I have started a plan to simplify my life when it comes time to move. Having watched my pack rat Mom and Dad collect all manner of "stuff" over the 50 some years I knew them the realization hit home that too much is just that, "Too much!", I have decided to lose some things. Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life. The day was spent clearing my youngest son's former bedroom and starting the sorting process. Does everyone keep years of old magazines that they never look at again? I don't anymore. How about power adapters for electronics? I swear I am going to label everyone of them buggers from now on. So far I have boxes full of them and no Idea what they go to.

The plan includes several different destinations for the current collection.

Out to the trash.

Going with me.

Going for sale on E-Bay.

Going back to rightful owner.

Yard sale! Maybe the mother of all yard sales!

For sale with a sign in front of the house.

For sale with a sign in front of the flat farm.

Given away!

Three houses, five barns, two garages, and three sheds are all getting the same treatment. Stripped to the walls and all content evaluated for one of the aforementioned destinations. There is also a basement or two that get the same going over, also equipment out doors. When we finally move into the new house at the hill farm we will be much lighter.

Where does it all come from?

Things got worse before they got just bearable!

First off let me thank everyone that takes time to read my blog! Heres hoping that you folks had an enjoyable time this December with good food, good friends, and fellowship. Our house was filled with the joy of the season.

Now the rest of the story!
The Friday following the invasion of my flat farm, my oldest son and I loaded my truck with our gear for a relaxing three days hunting at the hill farm. We pulled out at about 9:30pm and arrived an hour later. The first clue that something was amiss were the fresh vehicle tracks in the new snow. As I rounded the turn in the driveway I see lights on in the cabin and two vehicles parked in the driveway. What the fuck? Silly me there is only one key to the place and that one is in my pocket, so I think.

Well I take back almost all the nice things I said about my BIL David. He is in the cabin with his son Matt and two guys I do not know. I am off the hook angry. When I asked him how he got in he informed me that he had a key made for himself when I let him use the place last summer. Stupid or balls the size of an elephant? Dave had asked me several questions over the phone a few days earlier as to what days I had to work, when I would be hunting again and such. I did not tell him very much as I felt it was none of his business and I was not being too open to any in-laws after the deal at my flat farm.

There they are sitting at my table, eating my food from my fridge and I look over to the wood stove and I see dents in my new floor where they used the maul to split kindling wood. This is the spot where I lost it. Dave's keys sat on my nice antique oak kitchen table. I smashed the ring with the splitter maul and retrieved the key he had made. Thank God I hit the table against the grain and only left a wound and did not split the thing in half. The four of them loaded their stuff in record time and left.

My nephew was the only one man enough to call me the next day. He told me his father had lied to the two friends he brought up there that he was half owner in the place and after telling the lie did not know how to get out of it. I do not think he has that problem anymore.


Staying angry is consuming and not good for you. Christmas Eve we go to my dear old Mother-in-laws every year and I used this opportunity to get clear. I used her phone to call two of my brother in laws as they would not answer when I called from my phone. It seemed they were not coming over until I left. I told them all the same thing, "Get Over Here NOW." When the group was assembled I informed that I would talk and they would listen. First I revoked any right any of them had to be on any of my property for any reason at any time. I got clear with how much it hurt to even have to say theses things to people I had trusted. No one has told me they are sorry so I assume that they are not

Where it stands now.

I am no longer the free lunch. Only my sons, my friend Jack, my ex brother in-law Tom( x of my wife's sister), and myself will be hunting my properties. Unless some amends are made the rest of them can pound salt. But at least the anger is gone. Long time stewing is baggage I will not carry. You really can not fix stupid.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sometimes someone has to get pissed off

It is deer season ! What a pain in the rear it has become for me. Why do es everybody think it is their God given right to use my property, leave their garbage on the ground, nail stands into my trees, even cut down vegetation to get better shots, all without my permission?

For the most part I am fairly easy to get along with and I hunt deer myself. Hell I bought my hill farm with this in mind and I have my sons and close friends that I have hunted with for decades. During the year they help me on my projects and do the homework needed for success come hunting season. We get together and before the cabin went up we used an old motor home to rough it for a week or two of fellowship and lies about what great hunters we are. Always a wonderful time where old friends get to discuss the good, the bad, and the things that are important, at least to us.

Now the problem:
I have three brother in laws that I do not see from the end of deer season until maybe September, except for Dave who has become part of the group. He is a genuine nice fellow, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a good guy and he is always there for anything that needs to get done. Can't ask for more then that.

Well I am home today because another of my BIL's decided that since I have two farms and can not be in both places at the same time he should put together a group to invade my flat farm and do what they please. I have not seen this guy or talked to him since last Christmas at my Mother-in-law's house. My son Jon called me on my cell to tell me about the invasion, he lives at the flat farm. Since his uncle was leading the group that showed up Jon was not sure if I had changed plans as we communicate well. I told Jon that I would handle the problem and NO his uncle did not have my blessings. I also had him tell his uncle to call my cell phone, I wanted to talk to him, but he was too much of a bitch to do that so I came home last night.

When I got there in the back yard was a beat up pick up stuck in the lawn. In the back was empty beer cans and garbage that blew out all over the yard from the high winds we had. The police were called, had the plate ran and it was not even registered to the truck. The police impounded it and now I have a major mess where it was stuck. My Brother- in-law does not answer his phone, caller I. D. I guess. Gee I hope he gets the messages I left him. Today I will call from a strange phone and hope he picks up. if not I head to the city to see him.

It feels good to vent! Christmas at the Mother-in-laws should be interesting this year.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lazy Blogger

I have not posted to this all summer. Shame on me. Work on the hill farm has been painfully slow, just too damn busy. Retiring is a lot of work. We have been running short handed and I have taken all the overtime we throw at me. This will raise my pension check so it is kind of a no brainer I think.

I have gotten a few things done, water well is drilled , electrical service is in including the intertie for my to come later hydro system, most of my lumber I have sawed and stacked at the flat farm. Also this is a biggie I have the go ahead from the county to put in my geothermal heat, gray water set-up and solar composting toilet. Everyone I have had to deal with has been very nice and think what we are doing is wonderful. What a huge difference from the goofballs who want to make the rules on the fly at my flat farm.

Every time I go up to the hill it seems like I mostly work on getting my wood lots and agricultural land into shape. I love this place and sure do like just being there.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hard To keep the Ducks in a row

Sure would be nice if I had more time. My time is being spent getting ready to drop out. The system dictates that I work, work, work, and work some more. We are short staffed and over time is there for the taking and I am taking it. What this all means in the long haul is a bigger retirement check every month so I have to go for it. This time next year I will be RETIRED!!!!! or should I say self employed? Work on the homestead has taken a bit of a back seat for the moment, but my eye is still on the prize, behind the scenes activity is going on even if the building boom has slowed.
The week of Easter I am taking a couple of weeks off and using the time to put up a shelter and pasture for the animals so we can stay on the hill bride and all without commuting and without making arrangements to feed the brood. My youngest son has cut fence posts from a stand of Locust trees we have on the flat farm, after splitting there will be over 500, enough for a lot of fence!
This summer will see the place start to take shape. It will start to look and feel like a home and farm. All the extra money I make from the overtime I am banking and will use it on the hill. Debt free is for me, if I can not pay cash I don't buy it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mother Nature

The old girl has slowed me down with cold and snow by the bushel full! Under there is my Honda. We have had seven feet of snow so far this winter. All is not lost I have gotten some lumber sawed and located materials I need to get back at it as soon as I get a break in the weather. In my shop I am working on making trim and a spiral staircase for our love nest. I need 60 feet of crown molding like this. I put this up in the homestead last winter made from Larch and cherry,