Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mother Nature

The old girl has slowed me down with cold and snow by the bushel full! Under there is my Honda. We have had seven feet of snow so far this winter. All is not lost I have gotten some lumber sawed and located materials I need to get back at it as soon as I get a break in the weather. In my shop I am working on making trim and a spiral staircase for our love nest. I need 60 feet of crown molding like this. I put this up in the homestead last winter made from Larch and cherry,


Kati said...

Wow!!!! That moulding is incredible!!!! Glad to see you back!!! And I'm rather envious, btw, that so many of my blogger friends are snowed in and getting to be a bit lazy because of it. I've never had a "snow day" that I know of. LOL Stay warm!

magz said...

Uh Yup; and I was shocked I tell ya, SHOCKED when we got 3" of snow that stuck near 24 hrs here in the desert! I cant imagine.. 7 FEET??

The wood pictured here is absolutely beautiful Slip, and so is the craftsmanship.
Best to you and yers, stay warm till Spring!