Thursday, December 27, 2007

On to more exciting news!

March 27, 2008 will be my last day to work. I am getting pumped as the end of work days draws near. Everyone tells me that I need to stay busy, what a joke, busy is my middle name.

I have started a plan to simplify my life when it comes time to move. Having watched my pack rat Mom and Dad collect all manner of "stuff" over the 50 some years I knew them the realization hit home that too much is just that, "Too much!", I have decided to lose some things. Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life. The day was spent clearing my youngest son's former bedroom and starting the sorting process. Does everyone keep years of old magazines that they never look at again? I don't anymore. How about power adapters for electronics? I swear I am going to label everyone of them buggers from now on. So far I have boxes full of them and no Idea what they go to.

The plan includes several different destinations for the current collection.

Out to the trash.

Going with me.

Going for sale on E-Bay.

Going back to rightful owner.

Yard sale! Maybe the mother of all yard sales!

For sale with a sign in front of the house.

For sale with a sign in front of the flat farm.

Given away!

Three houses, five barns, two garages, and three sheds are all getting the same treatment. Stripped to the walls and all content evaluated for one of the aforementioned destinations. There is also a basement or two that get the same going over, also equipment out doors. When we finally move into the new house at the hill farm we will be much lighter.

Where does it all come from?


Anonymous said...

I must say, after having recently down sized the hell out of my life ... it's got an intensly cleansing effect ... once you're done, you will feel lighter than air!
And, yes, I did go to an electric space heater ... the gas bill was too high and the chimney is blocked so I can't burn wood. Sigh ... Any other ideas? The good thing is that this place is small enough that it actually warms it up rather well ...

Gina said...

Oh, Slip, I am doing the very same thing right now (and I, too, had pack rat parents and hoped to never be like them in that regards). Funny, I threw a bunch of old magazines in the recycle box because I thought the same thing.

Even though I am seeking this same decluttering enlightenment, I'd love to shop your mother of all yard sales!!!!

Ol' Lady said...

Owwww...I don't think I could ever part with the 'crap' that we have. Both of us are pack rats :) both our house and camp are full...and we keep addin. May have to do with bein cleaned out of everything at one time by ex's
BTW please send date, time and map for your mother of all yard sales :)

Kati said...

Dang!!!! Sounds like you've got loads of stuff to unload. I hope you find new homes for what needs a new home, and are able to settle into your new place with only what you truly want with you.

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh my, I LOVE sorting out the wheat from the chaff LOL, sounds like your gonna be well busy.....

Have fun doing it, Im sure it will spring a few memories and even surprises for ya...