Friday, October 12, 2007

Lazy Blogger

I have not posted to this all summer. Shame on me. Work on the hill farm has been painfully slow, just too damn busy. Retiring is a lot of work. We have been running short handed and I have taken all the overtime we throw at me. This will raise my pension check so it is kind of a no brainer I think.

I have gotten a few things done, water well is drilled , electrical service is in including the intertie for my to come later hydro system, most of my lumber I have sawed and stacked at the flat farm. Also this is a biggie I have the go ahead from the county to put in my geothermal heat, gray water set-up and solar composting toilet. Everyone I have had to deal with has been very nice and think what we are doing is wonderful. What a huge difference from the goofballs who want to make the rules on the fly at my flat farm.

Every time I go up to the hill it seems like I mostly work on getting my wood lots and agricultural land into shape. I love this place and sure do like just being there.


Kati said...

Hey Slip!!! Glad to see you back!!!! You HAVE been busy, dang!!! Though it sounds like you've got a lot accomplished. Best of luck with your efforts!

Anonymous said...

A solar compost toilet? Wow! I can't wait until I can stop renting land and can buy a chunk to build my own home on also ... I think I will definitely have to do the composting toilet. Your story is really inspirational to me!