Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't get it!

So I have a blog but just barely. When it comes to running the dashboard to add features I am at a loss. Oh sure I can add picture and do some layout changes but that is about as far as I get. Tried to add a slide show but can not get it to load, tried to link to some of my online friends and that is not going well either. I will keep at it because that is how I am.

Now that all being said I am angry or sad or neither, maybe just perplexed. And not about blogger.

Why are so many people such hard core haters? They hate your color, they hate your sex, they hate your politics, they detest others just because they do not think the same as you.

Money! Has it always been this way? Those that have it do not think any rules apply to them. High profile men with cash screw around on their wives and the wives excuse the behavior. If I did that my bride would hang my testicles on her rear view mirror just so she could whack them once in a while. How is it that a CEO can run a company into the ground and escape with a golden parachute worth millions and it is OK, just business as usual. How about the ruined lives from failed lending companies, artificially low payments, then the rent comes due. Put you on the streets and the head honcho walks away with 24 million a month. Nice work if you can get it.

Presidential elections. Too bitchy, too black, too old, too left wing, too right wing, flip flopped, said this or that, it this the best we can do? WTF we have a whole bunch of people and it seems we could do better. Ten more months of this hog wash and it feels like it never stops.

Iraq! It is not about the oil. I have to admit Bush has been right all along, it is not about the oil. It is about the money his cronies can make from jacking the price of oil. Five years 4000 dead Americans, untold numbers wounded, and the number of people who snap from PTSD later on will be staggering. WAR ON TERROR my ass. The biggest threat to this country comes from within. This little war is a bargain, 12 billion a month. Hey! I have an idea lets stop fighting for one month and use the cash to fix the health care for the folks that have none!

Free Trade! What's so free about it? When your job goes over seas you are free to work at Mickie Dees slinging burgers for chump change, but they do give you a nice hat!

Food! Stock up I think we are going to need it. Monsanto gives big bucks to all the right folks and then they grow seeds that will not grow if you try saving them. Even if you try they will come for you, after all they hold the patten. Now don't forget to get all your beasts Micro chipped or NAIS will be all over your ass. But it is all good!

At least the government won't lie to you! Holy fuck I can't believe I just typed that.
Pick your topic.
Oil, taxes, terror, food, vaccinations, pollution, global warming, health care, and so many others!

Gosh I really feel better now. I think I will not waste anymore of this fine day posting on the net.I am going to get into my full size 4 wheel drive pick-up truck, drive over to my flat farm , hit the beef cows with a blast of growth hormones, maybe burn a pile of garbage I have stacked up, saw down a few tree, after I take this stuff I just saw some advertised on TV. How bad can it be? What's a little oily anal discharge among friends?

I hope that half black half Mexican homosexual neighbor minds his own business. He always complains when I burn plastic and a little smoke blows through his or is it her kitchen!


RED MOJO said...

Glad to know I could inspire such a fine rant! Did you leave anything out? No, I think you covered it all. Good job! :) I don't get it either.

Kati said...

*snort* Hey Slip!!! I hope blogger stops screwing with you and that some time on your farm soothes your nerves. Not that your rant was out of place, because it was certainly spot-on, but still.... I hope you find some peace in working on your land.

Ol' Lady said...

You crack me up :o
It's easy to see why those women stand by those high profile men (if ya can call them men) (they probably don't know how to use a fire arm to get their point across). Any real woman would beat the shit out of said man and go on her way...makin cookies, watchin Dr.Phil and hangin him on the clothes line...I mean put the laundry out :)
I'm Canadian and your politics over there definately do ruin my mindless tv watchin with all of their bullshit. I really think that they are all the same no matter what country they are in. They all just have to pick the one who's bullshit you like the best.
Go out on your land burn or shoot something then sit back and relax...
we have a sayin round our place...fuck 'em all...we will survive when they won't

MarmiteToasty said...

Even I feel washed and cleansed by your rant lmfao....... :) sometimes its good to also swear like a fishwife, do ya want me to teach ya lol


Kati said...

Hey Slip!!!! You've been tagged!!!

Merelyme said...

do you need any help with your blog? i can tell you what i know. i think you are doing a fine job as it is. love your rant and especially your idea about health care. keep writing...we are reading!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

It's called 'The Golden Rule' AF. Whoever has the gold, rules, but take it from me, they don't die happy. I have yet to talk to anyone about to depart from this life who has said they were sorry they missed that last deal/sale/whatever. There is nothing better in life that growing your own food, going out into the garden and picking it, cooking it yourself and sharing it with those you love, 100% priceless. Keep the faith...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The truest words ever spoken were "The biggest threat to this country comes from within."

I also wonder why it is so much easier for most people to hate than to love or even tolerate others. And why we have not impeached a president who has sent an entire generation of Americans to be slaughtered so that he can get even richer.

The divide between haves and have-nots grows wider every day and everybody just tightens their belts and hunkers a bit more, hoping to be allowed to the table.

I wonder what they've put in our drinking water to brainwash so many, and what it will take to restore sanity to this country.

Casdok said...

Great rant!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the state of the world is an effing mess!! Thanks for putting it down so eloquently.

Merelyme said...

hey there...let me know how i can help with your blog...if it is any can email me! my email address is on my profile.

Kati said...

Happy Easter Slip & Fam!!! I hope y'all are having a good one!

Gina said...

Oh, what a great laugh (I truly needed it!!!)

I'd vote for you for president! ;-)