Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let me Explain.

I hit a wrong button and blogger posted my last entry. Short and to the point.
This year is going to be the first in a long time that I get to do my vegetable gardens the way I want to. The way I farm planting is the most labor intensive part of the whole operation.

I try to get the tallest most overgrown starts I can. For each plant a dig a hole 12x16x10 inches deep. All the soil goes into my wheelbarrow and gets mixed with a third again of well rotted manure, one half cup of Lang-Gro organic 10-10-10, one quarter cup of horticultural grade lime,and one quarter cup of Epsom salt.
This all goes back into the hole creating a mound. I pinch off all but the upper leaves and lay the plant sideways in my soil,exposing only the leaves I left. I plant in double rows with a large row of composted organics in between and a fence at least six feet tall to tie to. In the compost I bury a drip water hose.
When the plants take off and they sure will I train them to the fence and do a lot of early trimming to create more of a vine then a bush. They get loosely tied with baler twine and as they grow I mulch with more manure as early weed control is key to any great garden.
In the past doing them this way I have had vines over 12 feet tall, but now I allow the vines to droop over the top of the fence. The fence has to be stout because you get tomatoes in massive amounts and it all gets heavy.
I have 240 tomatoes of several heirloom types planted and they already have their feet in the ground and are starting to take off! The hard work is done and the rest is fun!

I grow Yukon Golds and Red ones, I forgot the fancy name for them. We grow so many that I can not use cages like I would like to, instead I do rows. The trick is keep mounding them as they grow. The mounding material should stay loose and be very organic o get nice big tatars!

Hot Peppers:
This is my favorite thing to grow. I am always looking for different ones to try and I seed save when I find one I really like. The biggest trick to hot peppers is that they love warm soil. In the north east if the soil is not 60 degrees or higher wait to plant. The plants will stunt if you don't.

Bell Peppers:
Only one trick I use here. In the bottom of the planting hole I place a book of matches with the cover tore off for each plant. It gives me meatier peppers, must be the sulfur.

Cabbage crops:

I grow early, savoy, and late for saurkraut. Also grow broccholi, cauliflower, and collards, all part of the family. Never plant them in the same place twice in a row.

Lots and lots of beans. All kinds, we freeze can, dry and eat them fresh. I plant more every two weeks until well after the 4th of July.

Salad fixings:
I also plant them every two weeks for enjoyment all summer long. I plant iceberg even if no one at our house eats much of it, because it does so well here and it sells.

Squash and pumpkins:

I bury tires flush filled with soil. makes for easier weed control. Then I cover the ground where the vines will travel with my empty feed bags. No Weeds! Acorn, butter nut, hubbard, summer, zukes, pie pumpkins, and a few Atlantic Giants for fun!

Cukes: We do pickles and cukes all from mounds. Mulch with paper bags before the vines travel.


Egg plant, mustard greens, strawberries, blue berries, red and black raspberries, goose berries, fruit trees. There is more but I am old I forget!

Being retired is going to allow me to micro manage this year like never before. I am trying to out do my 2005 offering, that was my best ever!


doggybloggy said...

wow that is so very impressive....

Odat said...

Wow!!! You've got another full time job huh??? But it sounds like it's a labor of love. Good for you!!!

I'm keeping real busy myself too...I can't believe how I found time to work! :-)

Claudia said...

I want to come to your house for dinner. All those vegetable would make me a very, very happy woman. There is nothing more rewarding (besides sex) than tending the earth with your own hands. I wish I had that much space to work with. Hell, I wish I had the talent. Teach me or Green Master....teach me.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Wow! I'm so envious, I grow plants in tubs on the pavement outside my house. Traffic fumes add a certain something to home grown tomatoes I find! BG

MarmiteToasty said...

This is way larger a scale then I thought you had :)...... do ya need any 'summer labour' lol I will work for food and lodgings lmfao....


Ol' Lady said...

Ol Man asked me years ago if I wanted to plant a garden...silly man!
I wouldn't want to put any of the veggie people out of work...
It's been awhile since ya posted...what's up?

Claudia said...

I need some veggies Slip, can I come to your place and pick some if I promise to make dinner for you guys after...