Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I realize that I work like buckshot. I start out fast, spread out, and if I am aimed properly I hit my target. There are times I would like to stay focused and be able to complete a project before starting something else, but life gets in the way.

The Hill Farm is not nearly as far along as I hoped it would be right now for many reasons. Going to work is still getting in the way, but not for much longer. Around here the last three weeks everything I touched broke, the boiler decided on the coldest freakin' day of the winter to take a shit, my car on the same day decided to overheat, and the heater hose connection I was working to repair on my dump truck snapped off in the manifold.

It took me 8 days and two experts to fix the boiler, plus new parts. On day one I diagnosed the problem and bought the offending part, put it on and still had the problem. Changed several items on the S.O.B and no go! Had two kerosene heaters and two electric ones going to keep the house semi-warm. Then on day eight I was sitting in the basement looking at the bugger when it came to me. I was right all along! The very first part I bought was just as bad as the one it replaced. Went back to the plumbing house and exchanged it for another, five minutes later the boiler was back to normal.

The car, a Honda Civic, developed a habit of overheating. Very random problem, seemed it only happened at the worst times possible. This thing fooled even my youngest son the Honda expert.Cut to the chase it was a small hose that had a slit in it that only opened up when it felt like it. Ten minutes to fix, hours spent hunting for the problem.

The dump truck is a bit more straight forward, exact opposite of the last two problems. Ten seconds to diagnose, hours to fix. The thing is in the worst place it could be to get out now that it broke. I finally removed it this morning and should have the truck up and running my next day off.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. I have only got out to the property three times in the last month. It seemed that the weather turned ugly whenever I had the chance to get anything done. My bride tells me to calm down.She is always the voice of reason out of the darkness. Some good has come of this. The high wind 65-70 MPH that we had supplied me with some very nice logs to saw on the mill, some cash I had not planned on, and grew my firewood pile.

Here at the homestead I got the wall at the top of the stairs framed up and ready for drywall and installation of a pocket door. Once this is done I will be able to completely isolate the upstairs during heat season.

Did I mention the slow leak in one of my tractor tires that I am having trouble locating?


Ol' Lady said...

Hhhuuummmm...boiler, civic, dump truck...well that's 3 and 'things' come in 3's and they all had to do with heating least your consistant :o

Great with the wood, unexpected fallen trees are always nice to have around. We have two here at the house to clean up this year, both are about 75 ft high, well they were high now they are long :o

Tractor tire??? put in a tube.

Have fun with your projects...and don't forget to listen to the voice of know who she is :)

Anonymous said...

I'm like that too ... fifty projects at once and I can't stay focused on any one long enough to see it to the end before running off to the next thing. Granted, your projects are larger and more ambitious than mine, but it's the same personality flaw me thinks. At least it appears you are chinking away at your list. Good Luck with that ... I'm sure retirement can't come soon enough. You'll probably be busier after you retire than you've ever been.

magz said...

Aww Slip-Man! (Slipster, Slippage, etc etc)

Keep on, Keeping on my friend... I'm vicariously sharing yer countdown yanno.
Mucho Schmoochos!
(And THANKS! Moren you know.. for yer timely support/encouragements at this end, too.)
Love to you & your fambly...
Da Magz

RED MOJO said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog, although you've left a couple on mine. I had a little here I am.
Like Buckshot. That's a good description of the way I sort of get things done too! It'll get done, eventually.

Merelyme said...

just stopping by to pay you a visit...sounds like you have been plenty busy!

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted in awhile ... I thought I'd pop over and ask, "What's going on in your corner of the world these days?"

RED MOJO said...

I have something for you over at Halfabubbleoff.

MarmiteToasty said...

Least thats the 3 things out of the way..... why is it that stuff always happen in 3s, I just dont get it lol

And thats this little house, 50 things on the go at the same time..