Monday, September 11, 2006

It feels good

I never really fit in. The blame should be squarely placed on my upbringing . My parents taught their children to think for themselves and I took the lessons to heart at a very young age. I am the son of an immigrant mother and a bohemian father neither who did things like everyone else. Politically I am off the map, the elephants and donkeys are spouting the same message from both sides of the aisle, send us your money and we will set you free! Bullshit, the only thing you will be free from is your money. Being a simple man I believe in family first and will do whatever it takes to protect and take care of all that are near and dear to me. Local Puffed Suits hate to see me coming anymore as I do not take anything they try to shove down my throat at face value. The farther up the food chain politians climb the better liars they become.
For too many decades I tried to fit my sqaure ass in the round holes everyone drilled, it never fit right. As I age, less and less of my energy is spent on fitting in as I work towards my visions of how I want my world to be.
For the longest time I was convinced that I must be some sort of freak for not wanting the greenest weed free lawn,(I don't even want a lawn) not wanting the largest square foot house in the nicest suburban neighborhood, not wanting a mini van or a soccor wife, or for not wanting to wear anything besides T-shirts and jeans. Well I have come to realize that I am not alone, it is just that that people that tuely think like me build farther off the road and tend to keep to their own kind.
Now my eyes are open and I once again learned the lesson well. My new house is being built way off the road on a south facing hillside of hard scrabble that won't grow grass. I get bonus points, mine is the only property on the road.
As for keeping to my own kind, thank God Al Gore invented the internet so we can talk. Did I happen to mention that my barn is going to be 12 times the size of our house?

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