Sunday, November 23, 2008

If I could have potty trained him

I have been living the life . Spending a lot of time up at the "hill Farm" hunting the elusive white tail buck! So far I have filled three of my tags, all processed and stored away in the freezer or made into jerky.

Over the summer a lot of work has gone into the cabin to make it weather tight and easy to heat. Also to keep out the riff raff , such as mice! All except for one. This guy managed to get in and live the good life. He ran the purloins around the walls and was spotted several times. As I watched he climbed on top of the door and went outside through the smallest of holes. Aha! So as a temporary fix I stuffed the hole with cardboard with a more permanent fix to come when I got time.

Went to bed confidant that my "Mouse Problem" was behind me. Next morning I got up and found my cardboard on the floor and as I cooked breakfast he showed his little head from behind the stove.

Game on! Get out the traps, put down the poison packs gonna get him! Well he was a real sly mouse, would not eat the poison and cleaned the traps off without setting them off. This has gone on since the start of bow season! I was using peanut butter.

One night just after I had gone to bed I hear SNAP! Excitedly I get up only to find a bit of tail in my trap. Now he has a name, we called him stubby. Stubby managed to elude capture for almost a month.

The trouble with mice is that they leave a turd trail wherever they go. On the table, the stove, and on the rails around the building. If he would have used a litter box maybe he could have stayed.

We are not slobs, the place is clean. All extra bedding, clothes and such are kept in covered plastic storage units. My firewood is kept in a rack and off the floor. We sweep and vacuum daily, leave no dirty dishes, use a secure bread box, and the cupboards never were breached!

Friday night we got him! After baiting the traps with venison jerky and using pliers to secure the tab around it he finally met his maker. It was strangely quiet around the cabin last night, no shouts of "there he is!" No turd trails, no pitter patter of little mouse feet.