Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Worked all day yesterday on the driveway and area surrouding the new building to get a handle on the mud. I gave gravel on the property but it is time consuming to get it to where I need it and time is not on my side with with winter coming and too much to do, so I bought 100 ton of stone and spread most of it. Now I can get in and out without wearing my knee high boots all the time and without tracking mud everywhere.

The roof and chimney are installed so there is no more rain getting in and interior work can be done. The place can actually be locked up when I am not there, but I don't think that would stop a crook. Not much there to steal anyways, just some jacks, and shovels and such. I find most crooks are not looking for tools that they could use to make an honest living. I did not take any photos the last two trips up there. Don't know why just didn't, even the wife wanted to see some so after I get done with a job I am doing for a neighbor I will take a ride with my bride to show her the progress.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Workin" at it!!!

I finally got the bungalo moved to the property last week. My son Tom, my friend Jack, the Amish Craftsman, neighbor Jim, and I Dragged it down the street and into place. Tom drove my four wheel drive deisel dump truck in low range and pulled while I pushed from behind with my loader and helped guilde it all down the road. When we got it to the driveway we pulled past on purpose and hooked up from the other end with Jim's small dozer. Then we pushed/pulled it to the site I had prepped. The move went better then I could have hoped for, just a couple of wires across the road had to be pushed up out of the way and one of the skids broke, but it did not stop the move. All in all it went well.

The weather has been crap around here, rain for the last three weeks and if I waited for things to dry up the Bungalo would be setting up the street until spring. I have dug drainage on the high side of the hill and stopped the water from pooling near the site. I still have to get it up higher and set on cribbing to finish up the foundation. Spent the day there today but gave up on trying to jack the building because of the water dripping off the roof, will attempt to get it done tomorow. I did get some more grade work done and that allowed puddles to drain away. The ground is so soft from all the rain, lucky to get anything done at all.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I am going to try and post a picture of the bungalo.